Time Share Sales Pitches
Author: steve@skyfire.vip

Time Share Sales Pitches


Often the promise of discounted hotel rates, free shows, or tours is enough to persuade visitors to sit through a timeshare sales pitch. After all, how hard can it be to just say no and walk away with your freebie?

This tourist trap, although not criminal in nature, will often keep you held hostage for longer than promised upfront and will feature a HARD sales pitch.

When you’re inevitably approached by a random stranger on the street, or even near your hotel elevators asking “How long are you in town for?” or “Are you two married” reply with “Were locals” and keep walking.

In case you find yourself considering a timeshare purchase – Just google reviews for the timeshare company in question. You’ll change your mind real quick. This ripoff is not worth your time.


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