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About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada is the ultimate stateside bachelor party destination.  Where else in the United States can you find stunning gorgeous women everywhere, gambling, drinking, outrageous food, and some of the hottest parties in the world?  Vegas is known as Sin City for a reason; in Vegas, not only can you explore just about every sinful thought you’ve ever had, but you won’t even be judged or it.

This beautifully designed playground in the desert is the perfect location for selling your soul to the devil, and the best part is that no one at home ever needs to know.  What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.  And everything happens in Vegas.  What else can we say?  It’s Vegas, baby.

The Taxi Uber or Lyft to the Strip Club Scam

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The Strip Club Crawl Scam

The Girls To Your Room Scam

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The Homeless/Beggar/Pan Handler Scams

The Ticket/Wristband/Club Pass Scam

Time Share People–Coming Soon

The Music CD Scams–Coming Soon



There are tons of honest hard-working people and businesses in Las Vegas. The purpose of this page on my site is to keep you up to date not only on Las Vegas scams, but also on shady business practices designed to take your hard-earned money in exchange for little or no value. Please understand, an expensive cocktail is not necessarily a scam. The establishment that sold you that $18 cocktail may have to pay $50,000 a month or more just for a small space in such a good location; and they have other operating costs as well. A legitimate business has a right to make a profit. It even has a responsibility to its employees and customers to make a profit. That means they have to charge enough to cover their costs, pay employees and etc. In popular tourist areas like the Las Vegas Strip, that means prices are sometimes high. This in and of itself is reality; not a scam.

The Las Vegas scam alerts listed here and discussed in detail in the linked posts are examples of the dishonest practices of shady people and business who choose to make money by deception and dishonesty. My goal is to make you aware of the scams so you won’t get ripped off trying to find a “deal.” I’ll add new ones as I become aware of them and will update the list often. So, bookmark this page and check back often, especially before you come to visit. In no particular order, here’s…

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