Don’t Forget To Check The Resort Fees aka CNF Fees

Don’t Forget To Check The Resort Fees aka CNF Fees


At this point, visitors to Las Vegas are well aware of resort fees, and the majority of us have strong feelings about them. They’re known and posted upfront on booking websites. While disappointing, it would be hard to characterize resort fees as a scam at this point.

A new, sneakier fee is creeping onto Las Vegas restaurant menus at an alarming rate, however.

The CNF fee or “Concession and Franchise Fee” amounts to a 4.7% fee tacked onto your final bill… for nothing.

Frustratingly, there is barely a mention of this fee as it typically gets buried in the fine print of a menu. Currently, the CNF can be found (and avoided) at Beer Park, Alexxa’s, Cabo Wabo, and Rhumbar to name a few spots.



Avoid boking a hotel room in Las Vegas without asking about and understanding its daily resort fee as most of them have this “mandatory” fee. The resort fee is charged for the hotel’s amenities like the gym, local or toll-free phone calls, or internet access, among others. In many ways, these are considered hidden charges since they’re not included in the booking cost and gets charged when you check out. This can cost at least $20 and up depending on the hotel on top of the room rates, so you need to make allowances regardless if you use them or not.

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