Don’t Bend Your Cards At The Tables
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If you’ve ever been to a casino, you know that the rules of the game are strictly enforced. One of the cardinal rules at the card tables is to never bend or crease your cards, as this can be suspected cheating.

Bending or creasing cards can be seen as a form of cheating or as a way to mark cards. When cards are bent or creased, it can be a signal to another player or to a dealer that a card is valuable. Marking cards can give a player an unfair advantage, and it’s illegal in the eyes of the law.

Furthermore, casinos care a lot about their playing cards. Leaving dents on them could be considered vandalism. It would lead to needing to use a new set of cards. This could possibly disrupt the game for everybody.

Casinos take card marking very seriously. If you’re caught bending or creasing your cards at the tables, they can assume that you’re trying to cheat and you could be asked to leave the premises. Even if you weren’t trying to cheat, you could end up getting in trouble if you bend your cards.

To avoid any potential problems, it’s important to remember to never bend or crease your cards at the casino. Not only will this help you stay out of trouble, but it will also make sure that the game is fair for everyone involved. When you’re playing at the casino whether with low or high stakes, it’s best to stick to the rules and never bend your cards.

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